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Kleen Pool

We founded The Kleen Pool with one goal in mind: to put joy back into pool ownership.

We found ourselves spending more time cleaning our pool than swimming and decided something had to change. Our research led us to acquire the rights to an EPA-registered product.  Its proprietary blend is based on essential minerals that naturally kill algae effectively and safely. The benefits don’t stop there, this product is specifically formulated to protect your pool for up to six months! 

The Kleen Pool is for pool owners by pool owners. Your time is valuable and we know that our products will put joy back into pool ownership. Check it out for yourself!

Kleen Pool Ultimate Paddlecare Kit.

Kleen Pool Ultimate Paddlecare Kit

£15.00 In Stock
Kleen pool algaecid

Kleen Pool Algaecide

£15.72 In Stock