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Aligator Water Purification System

29th April 2020

Aligator Water Purification System – Eco friendly pool cleaning

There can be few things more pleasurable than splashing about with the

children in your own pool on a warm summers day. However the question

of how to sanitise your pool, keeping it clean and healthy is a tricky one.

Chlorine has long been the industry favourite for this and has proven to be

very effective. Salt pools are also a popular alternative but they convert the

salt to chlorine. The Aligator Water Purification System reduces chlorine by

80% making it low chemical, eco-friendly and automatic, and well within the

budget of most domestic pool owners.

Established in the UK since 1992,  Aligator has installed systems in health

clubs, hotels, spas and private homes in the UK and Ireland with thousands

of satisfied customers. The water is so pure that you can use the backwash

from your pool to water your garden as it contains less chemicals than tap

water and is completely harmless.

Prices start from only £1,045.00