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13th August 2020
During hot weather periods this summer and the increase of water usage, water restrictions could be imposed in some areas of the U.K.
In light of this we would like to remind you that if you have green above ground pool water there is no need to empty the water and start again.
You can SAVE WATER by following these simple steps:
1. Check filter condition and clean if necessary.
2. Brush the pool walls and floor thoroughly.
3. Adjust pH to 7.2 – use pH Increaser or pH & Alkalinity Reducer if required.
4. Shock dose with shock granules.
IMPORTANT Keep filter running 24 hours a day to remove dead algae and other pollution suspended in the water (check the filter condition or filter pressure regularly).
After 12 hours, check pool is clearing.
If the pool is grey, white, milky white or milky blue then the pool is well on its way to recovery. However, if there is still any green to be seen then dose further shock granules.
Once the pool has cleared and the water is bright and clear, revert to normal filter time settings. Maintain the pH at 7.4 and the Chlorine level 2 – 4mg/l. These levels will minimise the risk of recurring algae.
Various pre-filled floating chemical dispensers are available for paddling pools through to large above ground pools. These last for 4-6 weeks keeping your water sanitised which prevents green.
We recommend you use these:
Small paddling pools
Paddling pools, spa’s and 8ft above ground pools
10ft + Above ground pools
18ft + Above ground pools
Always test your chemical levels in your pool water.   https://www.stuff4pools.co.uk/product/aquachek-chlorine-testing-strips/