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23rd March 2021

Heat retention covers

Heat retention covers are primarily used to conserve heat by preventing heat loss from evaporation and cold winds.  These covers float on the pool surface and do not require fixing. For ease of handling pool reels, both manually and electrically operated, are available.
There are several types available, the most popular being the bubble cover, which saves heating costs and gives free solar heat through the blanket to increase the pool temperature. Floating covers do prevent some debris from entering the pool but need careful handling when removing or the debris will fall back into the pool.
When winterising the pool, remove the cover, and thoroughly dry and store it away, carefully, over the winter. (If the cover is left lying on the pool in icy conditions, the cover will deteriorate.)
The use of a suitable roller will simplify the handling of the cover which must NEVER be left rolled, folded or exposed to strong sunlight without some form of protective cover on it.

If you would like a quote for a heat retention cover please do not hesitate to  CONTACT US.  Stuff4pools are able to supply a variety of solar covers that are made to measure.