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Recommissioning your pool

31st May 2017

At the end of the winter and before you start the swimming season you will need to recommission your swimming pool: you will need to prepare for the coming season.

There are no hard and fast rules laid down as to when to do this, it is entirely up to you. However the following factors can be taken into consideration: –

  • Once the weather starts to warm the algae will start to grow. Having a winter cover on the pool will be no deterrent and you will have to start chemically treating the water.
  • Recommissioning early means that you do not miss the first of the warm swimming weather.
  • When the pool is recommissioned you do not have to start the heater immediately if the weather is not quite right.
  • Easter usually heralds the start of the season and children will be at home wanting to swim.
  • Once the weather turns for the good everyone will want their pools opened.