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Winterising Your Swimming Pool

27th August 2020

Winterising your swimming pool for the winter season.   

Simple procedures will ensure pool equipment protection is maximised and that water stays in reasonable condition.

Adding a pre-filled chlorine floating dispenser, set at the ‘low’ setting gives a chlorine output to the pool, and will take pressure off your winterisation algaecide.

Top Tips

  1. Float a couple of weighted old chemical containers (use small stones in the bottom to partially submerge).
  2. Submerging such floats takes the pressure off the pool sides when ice forms.
  3. Put an old weighted small chemical container in the skimmer.  As the rainwater builds up and the skimmer fills this will help relieve the pressure off the skimmer when ice subsequently forms.
  4. Fit your winter debris cover to keep leaves and wind debris out of the pool during the closed periods.
  5. Top up your winterising fluid after 3 months particularly after periods of heavy prolonged rain or use a prefilled floating chlorine tablet dispenser (as per 1 above).
  6. Shock treating with chlorine to 5mg/ litre (ppm) every 2 months will help.  This is half the dose recommended for pre- winterising treatment.

We recommend  Blue Horizons Ultimate Winter Time which is a Non copper based algaecide, for the control of most types of algae, together with the prevention of staining and scale formation.

Ultimate Winter Time is compatible with sanitisers including Chlorine, Bromine treated pools and is tolerant to pH range fluctuation.

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Blue Horizons Ultimate Winter Time Algaecide