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Winterising Your Swimming Pool

27th August 2020

Winterising your swimming pool for the winter season.   Some simple procedures can ensure pool equipment protection is maximised and that water stays in reasonable condition, making it easier to open next spring.

Shock Treatment

Before adding your winteriser, shock treat the pool to ensure all organic pollution, which in turn is food for algae, is removed to give your winter algaecide the best possible start. This will give you as near sterile water as possible. Now you need to keep it like this through the winter, as the shock will soon die away. This is where winter algaecide comes in.

We recommend  Blue Horizons Ultimate Winter Time which is a Non copper based algaecide with sequesterant, for the control of most types of algae, together with the prevention of staining and scale formation. Ultimate Winter Time is compatible with most sanitisers including Chlorine, Bromine and Biguanide treated pools and is tolerant to pH range fluctuation.

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