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Aquachek Bromine Test Strips

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Bromine test strips.

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AquaChek Bromine Test Strips are as accurate as liquid kits but faster and easier to use.

Produced in a facility that makes test strips for the medical industry under strict ISO 9001 guidelines, Aquachek Bromine Test Strips are the worlds #1 brand of pool and spa test strips.

With one easy dip, test the levels of:

Hardness –  An accurate hardness level keeps water from causing corrosion or scaling.

Bromine – An ideal level of total bromine keeps water sparkling clean.

Alkalinity – A correct level of Total Alkalinity prevents sudden pH changes.

pH – An accurate pH level prevents water from causing corrosion or scaling.

Following are some guidelines for using test strips to obtain accurate water analysis results.

Follow the directions that came with the kit.
Store test strips in a low humidity environment at room temperature.
Keep the cap on tight between uses.
Keep wet fingers out of the bottle.
Do not use expired test strips.

Test strips are among the easiest and fastest methods for testing water.  By following the above guidelines, you can also ensure that test strips provide an accurate method for measuring the properties of pool or spa water, leading to a clean and healthy pool or spa.

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