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Certikin 1.5″ Floating Hose 12 Metre

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Certikin Swimming Pool Vacuum Hose


Certikin 1.5″ Floating Hose  12 Metre

For Private or Commercial Swimming Pools the Certikin 1.5″ Floating Hose, 12 Metre  is used for cleaning your swimming pool floor. Working together with a vacuum head the Floating Hose connects to the vacuum head and the inlet point or skimmer of your swimming pool.

Certikin floating vacuum hose if 1.5″ in diameter and comes complete with cuffs for easy connection of one end of the hose to a vacuum head, and the other to attach to a vacuum fitting in the pool wall or a kornea vac plate in the top of the skimmer.

Available in 9m and 12m.

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Weight 10.000 kg