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Certikin Kornea

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HD103 Hose Adapter For Vacuuming Swimming Pools


Certikin Kornea

Certikin Kornea allows the use of vacuum cleaners in pools where no vacuum point is available.

The Vacuum Adaptor fits into the skimmer and large debris are collected in the skimmer basket. The clear kornea allows the operator to view collecting debris.

The Certikin Skimmer Vacuum Adaptor otherwise known as a Vacuum Kornea will allow you to fit your vacuum hose onto the pipe section of the Kornea. The purpose of this tool is to trap leaves and other debris in the basket whilst you are vacuuming. If this item is absent you will have to remove your skimmer basket whist vacuuming and plug the hose into the bottom of the skimmer. The disadvantage of this is that the debris will travel through your pipe leading from the skimmer to your pump possibly causing damage.

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