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Deluxe Wall Brush

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Deluxe Wall Brush with Ali Back 18″

Most pool surfaces require a regular brushing down to help keep the swimming pool clean and prevent staining. By brushing the walls of the swimming pool with this deluxe wall brush you are giving it a good scrub that reduces the amount of algae and slime forming in the pool. Brushing your pool should be done once a week in the summer season.

Regular cleaning prevents the water from becoming murky from the formation of algae. Algae will stick to the walls of your pool and may leave stains if not scrubbed away properly. The walls need scrubbing weekly. A slick surface texture on the pool walls indicates that you need to clean them.

Mustard algae and most yellow/brown algae will like the bottom of the pool. The fastest way to get rid of these stains is to apply chlorine straight onto the discoloration. Scrub with a brush and watch it disappear. Run a water test to see what other stuff might be in the water, and treat accordingly.

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