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Fi-Clor Tile and Liner Cleaner (1ltr)

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Fi-Clor Tile and Liner Cleaner has now been rebranded to HTH Borkler Gel:- 



Fi-Clor Tile & Liner Cleaner is specially formulated to clean unsightly deposits of dirt, sunscreen and grease found along the waterline.

Out of stock


Fi-Clor Tile & Liner Cleaner removes dirt and scale from the waterline.

Gel – very effective on vertical surfaces.

Fi-Clor Tile & Liner Cleaner makes it easy to clean unsightly deposits of dirt, sun cream and grease along the waterline which if untreated can become a breeding site for bacteria. Supplied as a gel it adheres better to vertical surfaces, making them easier to clean. It is compatible with all types of pool surface.

Graduated container

Compatible on all types of pool surface (we recommend this product is test applied first on a discrete area, before applying it fully to affected surfaces).

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Weight 2 kg