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Life Spa Hot Tub Maintenance Kit

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The ultimate spa and hot tub cleaning kit that includes all the basics to keep your spa in tip top condition.

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The Life Spa and Hot Tub Maintenance Kit is ideal for any spa or hot tub at a very competitive price. Comes complete with detailed instructions for all equipment. The hand held scoop has a fine mesh net to collect the finest of debris and hair floating on the surface of the water. The Supa-Vac will collect debris from the floor of the spa. The sponge is perfect for scrubbing away scum tide marks on the waterline and the brush removes stubborn stains.

The ultimate spa and hot tub cleaning kit includes:

  • Supa-Vac – Its cleans and it empties
  • Spa Scoop
  • Spa Brush
  • Scum Sponge

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