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HTH Borkler Gel

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The HTH Borkler Gel is a direct replacement for the Fi-Clor Tile and Liner Cleaner. 

Double action waterline cleaner: descales and degreases.

  • Dissolves greasy deposits (sun creams)
  • Perfect for a very dirty water line.  Removes scale, grease and traces of rust.


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HTH Borkler Gel Pool Water Line Cleaner

As every pool manager knows, stringent hygiene and safety standards for communal swimming pools and spas not only govern pool water treatment but also extend to poolside areas such as floors, walls, changing rooms, plant rooms, WCs and waste bins.

The hth® range of cleaning products covers the whole spectrum of chemical cleaning:-

  • De-scalers which also remove stains left by mineral deposits
  • Detergents to generally clean and de-grease
  • Disinfectants to eliminate bacteria caused by micro-organisms.

HTH Borkler Gel is a Highly concentrated self-active cleaning gel product
​Removes scale and grease deposits along the waterline
No need to scrub, except on old and stubborn stains
Minimum 5 years shelf life when stored appropriately
Restores colour and shine to dull surfaces

Developed in close collaboration with pool manufacturers to ensure compatibility with materials used for most pool surfaces – liners, tiles etc.

Apply manually with brush/sponge

  1. Dampen surfaces with pool water
  2. Apply hth ® Borkler® Gel with a sponge or brush
  3. Work the gel into stubborn areas
  4. Leave for 10 minutes
  5. Rinse off with pool water
  6. Repeat if needed

Borkler® Gel can be used for cleaning of a number of different surfaces.

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