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HTH Easyclic Complete Treatment 1.66 KG is a direct replacement for the Fi-Clor 5-Buoy Floating Dispenser (1.66kg).



HTH EASYCLIC – complete treatment of stabilised chlorine. Floating diffuser for all pools.

A floating pool chlorinator, also known as a floating chlorine dispenser or feeder, ensures your swimming pool stays sanitised. Swimming pool chlorine floaters typically require a 3-inch chlorine tablet verses the smaller 1-inch variety for smaller spas. The reason behind this is because the 1-inch chlorine is smaller and can sanitise smaller spaces like swimming pool spas or hot tubs. Floating chlorine feeder can be used in an inground or aboveground swimming pool. Chlorine tablets will moderately melt from solid to liquid and will mix into the pool water to sanitise and chlorinate. This means that as it floats to the pool’s water it is also distributing chlorine little by little without dissolving too much all at once.

Remember to make sure that no one is swimming or at the pool water when using floating pool chlorinator.


-Ideal for prolonged periods of absence: 1-2 months of complete treatment. (depending on pool volume)

-Activated with a single “click” for 5 treatment actions.


-Shock disinfection: releases quickly enough chlorine to clean the water.

-Regular long-term disinfection: destroys bacteria, viruses and fungi.

-Anti-algae: prevents and destroys algae

-Clarifying: flocculation action which gives water a prolonged clarification effect.

-Stabilises chlorine: protects chlorine against harmful UV action.

Instructions for use:

-Remove the plastic label of Easyclic following the dotted line.

-Rotate the blue side of the diffuser to choose the adequate pool volume opening (for +60m3: place 2 diffusers into the pool).

-Place the diffuser directly into the pool.

HTH Easyclic floater rises when empty.

Packaging: Floating diffuser.



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