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Lay-Z Spa All In One Tool Set

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Keep your Lay-Z-Spa in tip top condition with the Lay-Z Spa All In One Tool Set which includes everything to give your Lay-Z Spa a thorough clean.

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Lay-Z-Spa All In One Tool Set consists of;

Lay-Z-Spa™ Scoop:

  • Bumper protects spa surface
  • Deep net to collect debris
  • Handheld or connects to standard telescopic pole
  • Round shaped design fits the contours of the spa interior.

Lay-Z-Spa™ Brush:

  • Bumper and nylon bristles protect spa’s surface
  • Handheld or connects to standard telescopic pole
  • Lay-Z-Spa™ Scrubbing Mitt:
  • Scrub along spa water line
  • Latex glove bonded with scrubber pad

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As one of the ultimate Lay‑Z‑Spa® hot tub accessories, the All‑in‑One Cleaning Kit is the ideal solution to keeping your spa functioning at its best.

The deep net is perfect for collecting debris, and can be used handheld or on an extension pole if you need some extra reach.

It has a specially tailored scoop with a rubber bumper to protect the sides of your inflatable hot tub, helping to avoid any unwanted accidents or damage.

The scrubbing mitt’s bonded scrubbing pad allows you to deep clean the inside of your spa whilst reducing the risk of putting any harsh chemicals near your hands, making it ideal for those hard‑to‑reach areas.

The nylon brush included also has a special rubber bumper and soft bristles to ensure that cleaning doesn’t cause premature wear to your spa whilst still allowing outstanding results.

It is the ideal 3‑in‑1 cleaning kit to keep your Lay‑Z‑Spa® in tip‑top shape.

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