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pH Reducer (Dry Acid) (1.5kg)

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pH Reducer (Dry Acid) (1.5kg) reduces pH Levels In Swimming Pool and Hot Tub Water

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pH Reducer (Dry Acid) (1.5kg)

Establishing and keeping the correct water balance is important for a
number of reasons:
Chemical efficiency
Bather comfort
Protection of pool and plant room equipment
Water quality and appearance
Makes it easier and less time consuming to look after the pool

The ideal pH level is between 7.2 – 7.6, promoting bather comfort, optimal chemical efficiency and protection of pool plant equipment.

Total Alkalinity (TA) is a measurement of the waters ability to resist pH change. If Total Alkalinity is low then it can make the pH fluctuate, making it difficult to control and mantain at the ideal level. However if the Total Alkalinity is too high then the pH can be difficult to change and will keep rising. A high Total Alkalinity can also lead to a formation of a bicarbonate scale on spa surfaces & within the pipework. The ideal Total Alkalinity level should be between the range of 80-150mg/l.

pH Minus is a granular acid for lowering the pH of your pool water if it rises above 7.6. Note: A number of applications may be necessary.

The pH scale is 0 to 14, with 0 being very acidic and 14 very alkaline. pH 7 is neutral and for pools the pH should be maintained between 7.2 and 7.6

pH Reducer (Dry Acid) (1.5kg) is a granular acid for lowering the pH of your pool water
The ideal pH level is between 7.2 – 7.6

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