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Phosphate Remover (1ltr)

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Phosphate Remover (1ltr)

Phosphates act as an algae nutrient in swimming pool water, encouraging algae growth. Apply Gold Horizons Phosphate Remover directly into the pool water to lower excess phosphate levels. Do not use with cartridge filters.

An easy to use product for controlling phosphates (asource of algae nutrient).


  1. If pool water contains algae follow normal procedures to cure.
  2. Check pH level and if necessary adjust to the desired range 7.2 – 7.6.
  3. Backwash the filter if necessary.
  4. With the filter running, shake the bottle well and add the required dose slowly via  a clean and empty skimmer.
  5. Run filtration continuously for a minimum of 24 hours after product application then backwash the filter thoroughly to remove trapped phosphates.

This product eliminates phosphates speedily and effectively, to control algae infestations.

Apply directly to pool water.

Looking After Your Above Ground Swimming Pool Water 

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