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Solar Pool Cover

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Keep water and heat in and dirt, debris, leaves and trash out of your pool with the Solar Pool Cover. Above ground swimming pool solar covers create a greenhouse effect in your pool. Solar Covers also prevent water evaporation caused by dry winds, or free-chlorine loss cause by UV rays. These covers are designed to keep water and heat in and debris out. Extend your swimming season with a this cover.

Solar Pool Covers

  • All new durable material
  • The solar cover utilizes solar energy to warm the pool water and prevents heat from escaping
  • Minimised pool debris
  • Solar Cover can be adjusted to fit pool size
  • Carrying bag with insert

12′ Cover

  • 3.56m (140″)
  • Fits 3.66m (12″) Fast Set Pools
  • Fits 3.66m (12″) Steel Pro Frame Pools

14-15′ Cover

  • 4.17m (164″)
  • Fits 4.57 (15′) Fast Set Pools
  • Fits 4.27m (14′) Power Steel Frame Pools

15-16′ Cover

  • 4.62m (182″)
  • Fits 4.88 (16′) Power Steel Frame Pools
  • Fits 4.57m (15′) Steel Pro Frame Pools

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Weight 2 kg

14-15ft, 15-16ft, 12ft