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Spa Non Chlorine Shock

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1 Litre

Non-Chlorine Shock is a granular product that is ideal for swimming pools and spas running on chlorine or bromine. Non-Chlorine Shock can be used to prevent your Hot Tub, Spa or Swimming Pool water from deteriorating.


Spa Non Chlorine Shock

Spa Non Chlorine Shock is a granular product that is ideal for regular oxidation of your spa water which does not increase chlorine or bromine levels, bathing can resume shortly after application.

Regularly oxidising pool water, ideally weekly, will pay dividends in the prevention of spa water problems. Non-Chlorine Shock dissolves rapidly to break down unpleasant pollutants and organic matter and is effective over a wide range of water conditions and pH values.

Can also be used for reactivating spent Bromine in Bromine treated Spas.

Chlorine free shock granules
– Restores water sparkle
– Destroys swimmer wastes
– Part of the System

How to apply non-chlorine shock:

1. Maintain pH levels within the ideal range 7.2 – 7.6. If the level is not in this range, adjust.

2. Maintain free chlorine levels in the range pools: 1 – 3mg/l (ppm); spas 3 – 5mg/l (ppm). Maintain bromine levels in the range pools/spas: 3 – 5mg/l (ppm).

3. Pre-dissolve this product in a clean plastic container at a maximum rate of 100g of product of 2.2 gallon (10 litres) in water. Stir well to ensure product is fully dissolved. Add the resulting solution to the pool or spa whilst the pump (s) are turned ‘on’ preferably near the water inlets to aid distribution.

4. After shock treatment procedure, allow at least 30 minutes before bathing recommences.

Dose rates

Litres Gallons Dose rate
1,000 220 11g
2,000 440 22g
4,545 1,000 50g
22,700 5,000 250g
45,450 10,000 500g


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