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Opening Up Your Swimming Pool Ready For The Summer

Opening Up Your Swimming Pool Ready For The Summer

First, shock dose the pool with a shock chlorine, Stuff4pools recommend Sodium Hypochlorite 14/15%.  The high dose of chlorine will kill off any algae spores and bacteria that might be lurking in liner creases or in the surface of tile grouting. This will give you as near sterile water as possible. Your pool water needs to kept in good condition throughout the spring and summer as the chlorine will soon dissipate. You now need to add an Algaecide. We recommend SummerClear.  Its special formulation contains a Long Life Algaecide which lasts up to 3 months.

Summerclear Copper Free Algaecide

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Sodium Hypochlorite 14/15% - 1oLitres

Sodium Hypochlorite 14/15% – 10LITRES

£21.25 In Stock
pH Reducer Granules

pH Reducer Granules

from £14.87 In Stock

pH Increaser Granules

pH Increaser Granules

from £12.75 In Stock

Tile & Liner Cleaner

Tile and Liner Cleaner (Extra Thick) (2ltr)

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£5.99 In Stock

Scrub Pad

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AquaChek Chlorine Water Test Strips

AquaChek Chlorine Test Strips

£7.65 In Stock
Sale! Insta-TEST 3 Plus

Insta-TEST® 3 Plus

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Blue Horizons Slatted CoverKleen

Blue Horizons Slatted CoverKleen (5ltr)

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FiClor Liquid Floc 3Litres

FiClor Liquid Floc 3Litres

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Fi-Clor Rapid Clarifier 1Litre

Fi-Clor Rapid Clarifier 1Litre

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jolly gel floc tablet

Jolly Gel Floc Tablet

£17.99 In Stock
Kleen pool algaecid

Kleen Pool Algaecide

£15.72 In Stock