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Aligator Water Purification System

Aligator Water Purification System

The Aligator Water Purification System is a world-class and a eco-friendly, cost-effective chlorine alternative for swimming pools.

Aligator Systems are perfect for residential and commercial swimming pools, and have many other applications.

By controlling waterborne bacteria and algae, the Aligator is ideal for water features, hot water systems, grey water holding tanks, aqua parks, water recycling and more.

Fully automatic and self-regulating, Aligator offers substantial savings over conventional chemical treatments. Plus, the system reduces maintenance time and the need for chemical use by up to 80%.

Aligator Systems are:

  • Easy to use
  • Safe for allergy sufferers
  • Non-corrosive
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Economical

For eco-friendly water purification, Aligator is the natural choice.

Aligator Chamber Lid and Accessories

£36.00 In Stock

Aligator Copper Electrodes – Copper Silver Ions

£118.00 In Stock
aligator chamber body

Aligator Chamber Body

£24.00 In Stock

Aligator Flow Switch

£31.00 In Stock

Aligator Washer Kit

£7.00 In Stock
aligator water purification system

Aligator Water Purification System (Copper Ionization)

from £1,045.20 In Stock

Alligator Chamber

Complete Chamber

£130.00 In Stock