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Swimming Pool Chemicals

Swimming Pool Chemicals

Stuff4Pools offer a wide range of swimming pool chemicals. In this section you will find all the pool chemicals you need to keep your pool water sanitised, algae free, and crystal clear through all seasons.

Among our swimming pool chemicals you will find:
Chlorine – is the most commonly used pool sanitiser to achieve safe and clean swimming pool water. This sanitiser we do in two different forms, chlorine granules and chlorine tablets
Balancers – These help maintain the pH balance in pool water and the alkalinity balance
Algaecide – to stop algae forming which will prevent green swimming pool water
Shock Chlorine – These traditional stabiliser free shock chlorine granules are ideal to help purge pool water of bather wastes and can also be used to prevent and destroy algae
Testing Kits – To monitor the chemical levels in the swimming pool water
Flocculants and Clarifiers – To clear cloudy swimming pool water

We have various brand names including Fi-Clor, HTH, and Blue Horizons

Shop this section today for swimming pool chemicals.
A majority of Stuff4pools swimming pool chemicals are our own label. We also stock Blue Horizons, AquaSPAkle and Fi-Clor chemicals.