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Swimming Pool Maintenance

Keeping your pool water clean is an ongoing job. In Stuff4Pools’ Swimming Pool Maintenance section you will find everything you need to achieve this.

We supply swimming pool nets to clean the water surface; various pool maintenance items including covers, heaters, repair kits and floating dispensers; an extensive range of cleaning accessories including vacuums, vacuum hoses, automatic pool cleaners, submersible pumps and an extensive range of filters. Plus much more.

Robotic pool cleaners are 100% worth the investment. It’ll be the best money you ever spent on your swimming pool. Any automatic swimming pool cleaner should be able to clean your pool within about three hours, depending on your pool’s size.

Stuff4Pools also stock a wide range of plastic pipe and fittings.

Shop online today for lots of deals on swimming pool maintenance.

Pool Cleaning Kit

Aquaclean Pool Cleaning Kit

£84.99 In Stock
Dolphin PoolStyle 40i IOT Cleaner

Dolphin PoolStyle 40i IOT Cleaner

£1,619.00 In Stock
Dolphin PoolStyle Advanced Cleaner

Dolphin PoolStyle Advanced Cleaner

£1,187.00 In Stock
PoolStyle Robotic Cleaner (Floor Only)

Dolphin PoolStyle Robotic Cleaner (Floor Only)

£863.00 In Stock


£50.15 In Stock
Deluxe Floating Chlorine Dispenser for 3 Tablets"

Deluxe Floating Chlorine Dispenser

£9.99 In Stock
Deluxe Wall Brush with Ali Back 18"

Deluxe Wall Brush

£23.86 In Stock
Leaf Skim Net with Long Handle

Leaf Skim Net with Long Handle

£20.00 In Stock
Tile & Liner Cleaner

Tile and Liner Cleaner (Extra Thick) (2ltr)

£17.55 Out of StockRead more



£5.99 In Stock

Scrub Pad

£9.20 Out of StockRead more

clearwater measuring set

Clear Water Measuring Set

£9.99 In Stock
18'+ Above Ground Pool Chlorine Starter Kit

Fi-Clor 5-Buoy Floating Dispenser (1.66kg)

£32.13 Out of StockRead more

Blue Horizons Floating Dispenser

Blue Horizons Ultimate Floating Chlorine Dispenser

from £18.00 Out of StockSelect options

1.5" - 1.25" Plain Hose Tail Pipe

1.5″ – 1.25″ Plain Hose Tail Pipe

£2.96 In Stock

1.5″ 45° Elbow

£3.42 In Stock