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Spa & Hot Tub Chemicals

Stuff4pools have various hot tub chemicals which will keep your spa water in tip top condition. Whether you need hot tub sanitisers to keep your spa water bacteria free, or treatments for problem water which include cloudy hot tub water, foamy hot tub water or scale build up in the hot tub then look no further.

Hot tub chemicals include:
Chlorine granules and chlorine tablets – a popular choice of hot tub sanitiser
Bromine – this is ideal for hot tubs, bromine is gentler than chlorine and causes little or no eye, skin and nasal irritation. Also there is not the pungent smell sometimes associated with certain types of chlorine treated spas. Bromine comes is granular form or tablet form, if you use tablets you will need a small floating dispenser to put the bromine tablets in
Spa Sparkle to clear cloudy spa water
Spa FoamAway to remove foam in spa water
Shock treatments and non-chlorine shock treatments
PH balancers and alkalinity balancers
Hot tub surface cleaners to remove, oils, tan lotion, cosmetics, grass and insects will collect on the water surface and spa sides providing a source of food for bacteria and algae
Cartridge Cleaner for your hot tub filter which rapidly remove grease and oil from the filter cartridges
And much more. All our spa chemicals are manufactured by Aquasparkle or Fi-Clor

Browse this section for all the hot tub chemicals you need at great prices! A majority of Stuff4pools hot tub chemicals are our own label. We also stock Blue Horizons, AquaSPAkle and Fi-Clor chemicals.