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Swimming Pool Chlorine & Sanitisers

Swimming Pool Chlorine is the most commonly used chemical to achieve safe and clean swimming pool water.   It must be present in the ‘free’ form to kill bacteria and oxidise organic matter introduced by bathers. Provided the water is balanced, free chlorine levels of between 1 and 3mg/l (ppm) is sufficient to maintain healthy, clean water. A well-managed chlorine treated pool will have no odour and levels of combined (spent) chlorine of less than 0.5mg/l.

Combined chlorine is created as a result of a reaction between free chlorine and organic matter such as bather wastes. The latter is mostly produced when the water is not being treated adequately and gives rise to the ‘chlorine’ odour.

Our chemicals have made it easy for you to maintain your sanitiser level by giving you an extensive choice of products to suit your swimming pool situation, preferred dosing method and budget. Bromine is similar to chlorine in its effectiveness as a sanitiser but there are some important differences:

  • Pools sanitised with bromine do not require the addition of chlorine stabiliser as bromine is not lost to sunlight in the way chlorine is
  • Bromine should be dosed into the pool via a chemical feeder (brominator), which is usually installed in the plant room after the filter and heater
  • As it takes 2.2mg/l of bromine to equal 1mg/l free chlorine, bromine levels need to be kept between 3 and 5mg/l
  • Bromine retains better levels of efficiency over a wider pH band than chlorine