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Swimming Pool Algicides

Algae are microscopic plant life that can multiply rapidly in your swimming pool water in the right conditions. Recovering an algae infested pool can be time consuming and expensive which is why prevention is always preferable to cure.

Our swimming pool algaecides have been specially formulated to help you achieve sparkling clear and algae free swimming pools water. We offer you a choice of weekly dosed and long life algaecides depending on your particular needs.

In addition to using our algaecide to support the sanitiser, we would recommend you also take account of the following algae prevention tips: • Maintain the correct water balance

  • Oxidise your swimming pool water regularly
  • Maintain a consistent sanitiser (chlorine or bromine) level
  • Brush swimming pool walls and vacuum pool floor regularly
  • Ensure filtration and circulation are operating efficiently
  • Ensure phosphates aren’t present in your swimming pool water