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Aligator Water Purification System

This revolutionary Swimming Pool Aligator  Water Purification System reduces the need for chlorine by up to 60-75% and creates crystal clear allergy free pool water of drinking quality standard. It is still important to maintain a low level of chlorine to oxidize sweat, suntan oil, make-up and organic matter such as leaf debris. The need for flocculants, water clarifiers and algaecides is reduced and the backwash water can be recycled, for example, used for irrigation.

Aligator Chamber Lid and Accessories

£36.00 In Stock

Aligator Copper Electrodes – Copper Silver Ions

£118.00 In Stock
aligator chamber body

Aligator Chamber Body

£24.00 In Stock

Aligator Flow Switch

£31.00 In Stock

Aligator Washer Kit

£7.00 In Stock
aligator water purification system

Aligator Water Purification System (Copper Ionization)

from £1,045.20 In Stock

Alligator Chamber

Complete Chamber

£130.00 In Stock