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Spa & Hot Tub Shock Treatments

Spa & Hot Tub Shock Treatments

Stuff4pools provides a range of Spa & Hot Tub Shock Treatments. Shock your hot tub & spa regularly keeping water safe for bathers.

Regularly shocking spa water, ideally weekly, will pay dividends in the prevention of water problems. Bather wastes such as perspiration, urine and cosmetics can build-up in spa water providing nutrients for bacteria and algae. A weekly oxidising treatment or shock dose will destroy these wastes and help maintain comfortable bathing conditions. Tip – Always leave the spa lid off for an hour after oxidising procedure

Aquasparkle Rapid Shock

Aquasparkle Rapid Shock 500g

£15.00 In Stock
HTH Shock Granules

HTH Shock Granules

from £56.84 Out of StockSelect options

Fi-Clor Superfast Stabiliser-Free Chlorine Granules (4kg)

£40.00 Out of StockRead more


Fi-Clor Superfast Superchlorinator Granules “Shock Pot” (450g)

£16.00 Out of StockRead more

Blue Horizons Shock Granules

Own Label Shock Granules

from £23.80 In Stock

Spa Non Chlorine Shock

Spa Non Chlorine Shock

£18.70 In Stock