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Swimming Pool Clarifiers & Flocculants

Swimming pool water can become cloudy for a number of reasons:

  • Incorrect water balance
  • Poor or insufficient filtration
  • The start or end of an algae infestation
  • A build-up of bather wastes

Our range provides a selection of clarifiers and flocculants that will quickly restore the sparkle in you swimming pool. However, before using them you should check the following:

  • The swimming pool water is correctly balanced – see the water balance section
  • The filtration is running for a minimum of 8-hours per day (24-hours for best results)
  • Does the filter need backwashing, or the filter media a chemical clean
  • The sanitiser level is maintained within the ideal range – see the sanitiser section

Once you are satisfied that none of the above are causing the cloudiness, our clarifiers and flocculants will help you achieve crystal clear water.



£13.33 In Stock
Pennosan Natural Pool Clarifier

Pennosan Natural Pool Clarifier 1l

£15.95 In Stock
Pennosan Vital Gel

Pennosan Vital Gel Natural Clarifier

£9.25 In Stock
FiClor Liquid Floc 3Litres

FiClor Liquid Floc 3Litres

£19.85 Out of StockRead more

Fi-Clor Rapid Clarifier 1Litre

Fi-Clor Rapid Clarifier 1Litre

£14.00 Out of StockRead more

Goldifloc Filter Aid Tablets

Goldifloc Filter Aid Tablets

£30.60 In Stock
jolly gel floc tablet

Jolly Gel Floc Tablet

£17.99 In Stock