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Paradise Spa Vacuum

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Using a simple siphon action, the Paradise Spa Vacuum is one of the easiest ways to remove dirt and debris from your spa.


Paradise Spa Vacuum

Featuring an aluminium telescopic pole that extends up to 2.13m, the Paradise Spa Vacuum works without batteries or hoses and easily picks up a range of dirt from the bottom of your spa or hot tub.

  • Self-Contained Spa Vacuum
  • No Pumping
  • No Batteries
  • No Water Hook-Up
  • Aluminium Telescopic Pole extends to over 7ft
  • Picks up rocks, pennies, marbles and beach sand etc

This is how it works:

  1. Simply place your finger over the end cap of the Vacuum. Then place in the water.
  2. Release your finger, and all unwanted debris will collect in the clear chamber.
  3. Lift out of the water. Clean filtered water automatically drains out and debris stays in the chamber.
  4. When finished, simply twist off the lower cup and empty the contents.

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