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Spa ScaleAway (1ltr)

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Spa Scale Away helps control high calcium hardness in hard water areas.


Spa ScaleAway (1ltr)

Spa ScaleAway (1ltr)  will help prevent scale deposits forming in your hot tubs. This can build up rapidly on spa surfaces due to high calcium levels (hard water) and high water temperatures.

Calcium hardness (or total hardness) is the measure of how hard or soft the water is. The level will vary depending on where your water supply comes from, for example in some parts of Scotland the water is very soft and in parts of Kent the water can be very hard. The hardness depends upon the amount of mineral salts (mainly calcium) that are dissolved in the water and the more salts there are the harder the water is.

When the water in your hot tub evaporates, minerals are left behind, and they’ll cling to the spa shell and fixtures. You’ll replace the lost water, and it’ll evaporate again, leaving behind more mineral deposits. After a while, you’ll have mineral buildup on the hot tub walls and fixtures.

If the calcium hardness of your spa water is greater than 200mg/l then ScaleAway should be used to help prevent scale deposits within the filter, heater, pipework and on spa surfaces.


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