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Green Swimming Pool Water

31st May 2017

Green Swimming Pool Water. There is always a possibility that at some point through the summer season your pool will turn a nasty shade of green. This usually occurs if the chlorine level has fallen for a few days. Do not panic you should be able to bring the water back and within a few days have a clear, clean and sparkling pool again.

There are two ways to kill the algae which are causing your green swimming pool water. You can either shock treat with Shock Chlorine Granules or Sodium Hypochlorite.  Both products have the dose rate on the packaging to ensure you use the correct amount for your size pool. https://www.stuff4pools.co.uk/product/sodium-hypochlorite-14-15-10litres/

After 48hrs check the pH level as this may need to be corrected.

To keep algae at bay you need to ensure your pH and chlorine levels are maintained at the correct levels. When they are at the correct levels you can add an algaecide to help prevent algae from forming. We recommend KleenPool, Kleenpool Algaecide is one of the UK’s most popular long life Algaecides. It is a copper based product that remains active in the pool for up to 6 months. https://www.stuff4pools.co.uk/product/kleen-pool/