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10′ Steel Frame Cover

£22.99In stock

Steel Frame Pool Cover

Keep debris, leaves and trash from getting into your pool with this Steel Frame Pool Cover. Above ground swimming pool covers prohibit algae growth and reduce costly replacement chemicals when the pool is not in use. This pool cover has drain holes to prevent water from accumulating on the cover. The pool cover is easy to install, extremely durable and includes ropes to secure the cover to the pool.

  • PE Material
  • Includes rope to secure cover
  • Drain holes to prevent water from accumulating

10′ Cover

  • 3.05m (10′)
  • Fits 3.05m (10′) Steel Pro Framed Pools

12′ Cover

  • 3.66m (12′)
  • Fits 3.66m (12′) Steel Pro Framed Pools

15′ x 36″ Cover

  • 4.57m (15′)
  • Fits 4.57m x 91cm (15′ x 36″) Steel Pro Framed Pools

In stock

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