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50′ Deluxe Backwash Hose

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Certikin Deluxe Backwash Hose for carrying waste backwash water from the filter multiport valve to the nearest drain.

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The Deluxe Backwash Hose is used to thoroughly clean a swimming pools filter by reversing the flow of water.

How to backwash:

  1. TURN OFF POOL  PUMP. This is to prevent any damage to the plumbing or valves.
  2. Depress the multiport valve handle and move it to backwash setting.
  3. Make sure your backwash hose is positioned to where you want to dump your waste water.
  4. TURN ON POOL PUMP. Run for at least 2 minutes. The water in the sight glass on the filter should run clear.
  6. Depress the multiport valve handle and turn to rinse setting. After backwashing, the sand in the filter is loose. Also any dirty water from backwashing has to be rinsed out of the filter to waste to prevent it from returning to the pool.
  7. TURN ON POOL PUMP. Rinse for 1-2 minutes.
  8. TURN OFF POOL PUMP. Depress the multiport valve handle and turn it to the filter setting.
  9. TURN ON POOL PUMP. Check pressure gauge to ensure that the pressure has dropped to 8-10 psi from where it was before backwashing the pool filter.

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