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Half-Moon Liner Vacuum Head

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The Lightweight Half Moon Vac Head is ideal for pools with rounded corners

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Keeping the bottom of your swimming pool clean is easy with the Half-Moon Liner Vacuum Head. Perfect for liner pools and for pools with rounded corners and walls. Brushes allow for easy dirt removal while vacuuming.

The vacuum process for a standard swimming pool uses the vacuum force present in the skimmer lines. Vacuum generated by the circulation pump pulls water into the skimmer lines and back to the pump under negative pressure. The water is then pumped under positive pressure through the sand filter and conveyed back to the pool through the return lines. After the vacuum hose is filled with water, the hose is fitted into the skimmer inlet. As the skimmer pulls water through the vacuum head, as the vacuum head is rolled over the bottom and sides of the pool, sucking up dirt and other particles. Vacuumed dirt and debris is conveyed through the skimmer inlet to the pump and onto the sand filter.

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