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Lay-Z Spa Filter Cartridges

£7.99In stock

Lay-Z Spa Filter Cartridges – twin pack.  Competitive Prices  Replace your Lay-Z spa filters regularly to keep your spa water clean and free of dirt and grime.


Lay-Z Spa Filter Cartridges are an important feature of a Lay-Z pump as it aids water filtration keeping you spa water clean and dirt free. These easy fit Lay-Z Spa Cartridges are compatible with  Lay-Z-Spa Vegas, Monaco, Miami, Palm Springs, Coleman SPA.

10.6cm x 8.0cm 4.2″x3.1″.

These filters comes in a twin pack. It recommended to replace these Lay-Z Spa Filters every 2-4 weeks and clean in between with Spa Cartridge Cleaner.

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