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Pennosan Vital Gel Natural Clarifier contains chitosan to enhance phosphate removal in conventional pool filter systems.

When used in conjunction with standard phosphate removal products, Pennosan Vital Gel Natural Clarifier will help your filter to completely eliminate all phosphates from your pool water.

Instructions for Use

  1. Insert Vital Gel into pump basket and allow to dissolve (approx 4 hours). This activates any standard filter medium.
  2. Treat pool water with any standard phosphate removal product.
  3. The Vital Gel activated filter media captures finely precipitated phosphate salts.
  4. Back-wash the filter to totally eliminate all phosphates from the filter and the pool system.

Pennosan products contain blends of chitosans which are natural fibres prepared from crab shells that would otherwise go to waste.

These environmentally sustainable production methods employ quality systems to ensure consistent performance and user safety.

Chitosan fibres biodegrade in the environment after use so filter washings can be flushed away with no risk of harm to the environment.