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Relax Granular Shock

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Relax Granular Shock 5KG

Relax Granular Shock – if the water in your pool turns cloudy or green the cause, in nearly every case, will be lack of Chlorine.   However if the water turns faintly turbid, it is because the pollutants in the water, mainly algae, are reproducing quicker than the Chlorine react.

In this case it is necessary to increase the Chlorine level sharply and in one go, keeping the circulation on continuously.

Once every two weeks, or if your pool water has turned cloudy or green, your pool should be treated with Relax Granular Shock Chlorine.

Directions for Use

  1. Pre-dissolve the granules in a clean plastic bucket filled with pool water.
  2. Allow product to dissolve for at least 20 minutes before adding to pool water.
  3. Add 500gm per 10,000 gallons of pool water.  If algae is preset, double the dose.
  4. Ensure that pool circulation pump is running before slowly pouring the solution immediately above the pool return.
  5. Do not mix this product directly with other pool chlorine products.
  6. Do not pour into pool skimmer containing chlorine tablets.
  7. Do not add the shock granules when the pool is being used.
  8. After treatment, wait 30 minutes before using the pool.
  9. Wait until chlorine residual has dropped to 3 parts per million before allowing the pool to be used.


Swimming Pool Water Treatment


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