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HTH Shock Granules 4KG

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The HTH Shock is a direct replacement for the Fi-Clor Superfast Granules. 

  • Powerful shock & sanitiser
  • Convenient alternative to liquid chlorine
  • Stronger than any unstabilised granular chlorine alternative
  • Fast dissolving and fast acting
  • Stabiliser-free, no chlorine lock

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HTH Shock Granules  –  Calcium Hypochlorite.

The HTH Shock  is an instant solution to fix green or cloudy water and raise the chlorine level.   The fastest and most efficient shock chlorination on the market.

Cynuric Acid free. Ideal for indoor swimming pools.

Fast dissolving and no degassing.

  • Powerful shock and sanitiser.
  • Stronger than any unstabilised granular chlorine alternative.
  • Fast dissolving and very fast acting.
  • Improves water quality.
  • Dissolves fast to kill bacteria, control algae and break down combined chlorines.
  • Stabiliser free, no chlorine lock.

PRODUCT INFO: HTH Shock Powder Chlorine Granules can be used as a regular pool sanitiser or as a shock treatment. HTH Shock Powder Chlorine Shock Granules are available in 1kg, 2kg and 5kg

HTH Shock Powder Chlorine has been manufactured in a very fine powder, so it dissolves instantly, unlike other brands of shock chlorine granules, which can take up to 30 minutes to dissolve. This means HTH Shock Powder is not only more powerful than other shock chlorine, it is working much more quickly on treating your pool and spa water

HTH Shock Powder is a non-stabilised Chlorine product, which allows you to increase your chlorine level in the pool or spa water for a short period, killing and removing the unwanted combined chlorine and organic matter.

HTH Shock Powder Chlorine shock provides pool owners with 10% more available chlorine than standard calcium hypochlorite, making it more effective at killing bacteria and algae. For maximum benefit from HTH Shock Powder ensure your pH level is properly balanced before adding to your pool or spa water. HTH Shock Powder is the perfect product for regular dosing or when pool water is cloudy or has algae.

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